wpid 3684701 Russian nationalists have agreed to create a Council of international consent

Russian nationalists have agreed with the leadership of several regions of the Russian Federation on the creation of an organization that will deal with the resolution of inter-ethnic conflicts on the ground, Interfax reports, citing one of the leaders of the Russian movement, Dmitry Demushkin.

In addition to nationalists and representatives of the regional leadership, the ICNM included representatives of the diasporas of the indigenous peoples of Russia. Demushkin said that the council will be engaged in preventing ethnic conflicts, “so as not to repeat the incidents that led to the events on Manezhnaya Square in December 2010”. The MSMC will pay special attention to the peoples, the relations between which have become complicated in recent years. “This, in particular, is about the Ossetians and the Ingush,” Demushkin cited the example.

The situation of the loudest inter-ethnic conflict in Russia in recent years has become after the death of a football fan Yegor Sviridov in a fight with Caucasians. Nationalists have expressed dissatisfaction with the actions of law enforcement agencies by staging a pogrom on Manezhnaya Square in Moscow on December 11, 2010. A similar situation, but on a smaller scale, arose after the murder of a Moscow student, Ivan Agafonov, through the carelessness of a world champion in fights without rules, Rasul Mirzaev, reminds Lenta.ru.