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In Pattaya, 11 teenagers were freed from slavery / Children were forced to beg [x]

Four organizers of the group were arrested. The criminals lured children into fraud, promising their families to provide them with work. The age of victims - from 11 to 17 years.

The Independent: How the bright lights of Pattaya seduced Iranian pseudo-bombers who were tagging Bangkok (PHOTOS) / Muslim terrorists took their “legend” seriously

"Like the bright lights of Pattaya, they lured Iranian pseudo-bombers who were tagging to Bangkok."

On February 8, a sabotage group of at least three Iranians arrived in Phuket. From Phuket they went to Pattaya on the same day, where they settled in the Top Thai Hotel. The workers of this hotel remembered the men as polite and neatly dressed.

In the Paris airport drunk Russian police beat

Interfax "with reference to the newspaper Le Figaro.

On Wednesday evening, the crew of the aircraft, which was preparing to fly to Rio de Janeiro from Paris, noticed: two passengers, a man and a woman, are so drunk that they could pose a security risk during the flight. These passengers were citizens of Russia.

Thai police want to constantly have a representative of Russian law enforcement in Pattaya / Russian crime grows with the number of “packers” and “winterers”

RIA «Novosti».

For a more effective fight against crime among the Russian-speaking residents of Thailand, Russian law enforcement agencies could send a representative to Pattaya, according to the local police.

The prosecutor's office took over the hotel mayor Alupka

The reason for checking the prosecutor's office was a violation when the decision was taken by the City Council, which has no authority to dispose of the lands of the children's sanatorium.

As reported by the New Region, the mayor of Alupka, Viktor Tolstonog, illegally built a hotel on the former lands of a children's tuberculosis sanatorium. Hotel "Alubika" grew up in the protected zone of the monument of national importance Vorontsov Palace.

Russian tourists are attracted by the agony of the EU / Vacationers vote with ruble and shale in favor of the Old World against the militant Islamization of Arab resorts

The Old World, covered by the debt crisis, is attracting less and less investors and more and more tourists. And the most serious financial problems are experiencing the most attractive from a tourist point of view, the states of Southern Europe - Greece, Italy, Spain. THEIR attractiveness for holidaymakers has increased even more: tourists are hoping for a general decline in prices. Therefore, the Russian Union of Travel Industry predicts, for example, this year an increase in the flow of our tourists to Greece by 40% (their number can exceed one million). The tourism sector is one of the few sectors of the economy of Southern Europe where recovery is possible under current conditions.

Police searched the offices of the Ural businessman: looking for traces of scrap metal

The police came to the next representative of the business community of the Sverdlovsk region. As the correspondent of "New Region", February 9 of this year on the 3rd and 6th floors of the office part of the hotel "Voznesensky" and office space at ul. Lunacharsky, 77, leased by various enterprises controlled by the Ural entrepreneur Igor Tugbayev, employees of the Ekaterinburg police department conducted a large-scale 12-hour search with the seizure of documents and computer system blocks.

In the Dubai hotel fountains “dance” to the song Whitney Houston (VIDEO)

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In the city of Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, at the Burj Khalifa Hotel, a water-music "performance" was commemorated in memory of American singer Whitney Houston, who passed away on Saturday, the New Region correspondent reports.

Putin will shorten the New Year holidays / And will return the long May holidays

Presidential candidate Vladimir Putin unexpectedly decided to listen to the requests of the Russians and to restore the former order in regard to the holiday calendar. Premier proposed to reduce the New Year holidays and add holidays in early May. This was announced by the head of government on Thursday before the congress of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RUIE), in which he takes part, Interfax reports.

“Regionals” propose to use the homeless in the tourist season for garbage collection in Sevastopol

The problem of unemployment in Sevastopol can be solved by organizing public garbage collection in the summer, the volume of which increases during the holiday season.

“At the posts of cleaners can be employed able-bodied persons who do not have work and housing. Often their activities are already tied to trash containers. It is possible to attract high school students who want to earn pocket-money that is so necessary in the summer, especially since they themselves also litter to a great extent. Do not forget that students of metropolitan universities still do not disdain to work as cleaners. The funds that are put into public works are not enough, so there is a lot of trash and the unemployed, ”said Chekmezov.