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  • Drug cops in Saratov seized large quantities of heroin and opium

    “A criminal group was exposed and a large consignment of drugs was seized ... Drug police seized 8 kilograms of heroin and 19 kilograms of opium. The whole drug was intended for subsequent sale, ”- said in a statement.

  • The bailiff was given a real time for misappropriating someone else's money.

    The court of Sredneakhtubinsky district convicted the former bailiff of the district department of the Federal Bailiff Service of Russia in the region of Ivan Uskov. They appropriated someone else's property, using official position. As told to the correspondent of AiF-Volgograd in the press service of the TFR system in the region, in December 2007, Uskov received from the debtor funds in the amount of more than 147 thousand rubles as compensation for debts to one of the banks under the loan agreement. After that, the bailiff abusing [...]

  • Transport police seized large quantities of heroin in Kuzbass

    Transport policemen seized a large amount of heroin in Kuzbass. Employees of the linear department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia at Belovo station, while training a passenger train with a message from “Tomsk - Novokuznetsk”, detained a 35-year-old native of Mezhdurechensk with a large amount of heroin. As a REGNUM correspondent was told in the press service of the transport department of the Russian Ministry of the Interior in the Siberian Federal District, the detainee was found and [...]

  • Missing in the Vologda region, a five-year-old child was put on the federal wanted list

    The five-year-old child who disappeared in the Vologda region was put on the federal wanted list The five-year-old Robert Vaninov was missing in Vytegra in the Vologda region and was put on the federal wanted list. This was reported to IA SeverInform by the press service of the regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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  • Putin promised Dushanbe humanitarian assistance in connection with a difficult winter

    “During the conversation, the difficult humanitarian situation in Tajikistan as a result of a difficult winter was discussed, in connection with which Rakhmon requested assistance from Russia. In turn, Putin promised that emergency humanitarian assistance would be provided as soon as possible, ”the message says on the site.

  • Russian authorities are trying to restore the power of the USSR, said Fidel Castro

    According to Castro, the collapse of the USSR and related events "did not come as a surprise." The experience acquired over many years of struggle, as well as “contact with events, ideas and historical processes,” indicates Castro, “did not leave room for surprise.”

  • Onishchenko dreams of smokers lungs

    Gennady Onishchenko today announced that he would support another campaign to combat smoking. This time it includes placing repulsive images on the packs - black light smokers, photos of people with lip cancer, etc. This practice is not an invention of the Ministry of Health: abroad, almost all cigarette brands produce packs depicting unpleasant evidence of the effects of smoking.

  • US Consul General to visit BSPU

    According to the press service of the Belarusian State Pedagogical University, the Fulbright program is the largest program of scientific and cultural exchange, which is implemented and funded by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the US Department of State. To date, the program covers 140 countries.

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  • 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude

    Back in January, the automaker Jeep introduced the concept Grnad Cherokee Special Edition, followed by the announcement of the contest “think up a name for the car”, which was attended by over two million fans of the Jeep brand.

  • New Peugeot 408 sedan for the Russian market

    The plans of the PSA Peugeot-Citroen alliance for the production of budget sedans in Russia were known a year ago. And now official information has appeared that in the middle of this year, the production of the Peugeot 408 model will begin at the plant near Kaluga. This car was presented in 2010 at the Beijing Auto Show, and its sales are not [...]

  • Helio Castronevesh won the IndyCar 2012 debut race

    Helio Castronevesh and Team Penske were able to win the first race of IndyCar 2012, which was held in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. "I want to thank the team for the work done," said the Brazilian to reporters. “We knew that we were faced with a difficult race, but we were well prepared for this fight and were able to win.”

  • Dodge launches jubilee Ram

    In 2002, the car Dodge Ram Lone Star first appeared on the market. And Exclusively in the US state of Texas, on the market which were very popular this kind of cars. Expecting to raise their sales, they did not lose in Dodge: in the state alone, the total number of Ram sold increased by 40%.

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  • In Iskitim district, ice is blown up on the river Berd to save locals from flooding.

    The ice that has accumulated under the bridge of the river Berd melts as a last resort, it is very thick. If it is not eliminated, in a couple of weeks the water will go from the headwaters of the reservoir, then a traffic jam will form under the bridge. Because of this, private houses in Iskitim could be flooded.

  • Slimming replaces diabetic medication

    More than 50% of patients with diabetes are overweight, have an increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, osteoarthritis and other chronic diseases. A new study conducted by scientists from the United States, proves that to reduce these risks and reduce the use of drugs for diabetes, it is enough for a patient to lose weight.

  • The prosecutor will deal with the problems of Samara equity holders

    The meeting was attended by Alexander Khinshtein, State Duma Deputy of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Pavel Donskoy, Minister of Construction of the Samara Region, Vadim Malikov, Head of the Russian State Register of the Samara Region, Dmitry Samara, Head of the Samara City District, Tadyatti Vadym Kirpichnikov, Acting Mayor of the City District organs. The regional prosecutor noted that the situation in the field of shared construction in the region remains difficult.

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