Does putting mothballs in the gas tank improve a car’s performance?

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The cast of the television series MythBusters perform experiments to verify or debunk urban … Can a car fueled by moonshine run as well as one running on gasoline? ….. The team used the 2010s ca…

Does putting mothballs in the gas tank improve a car’s performance …

Putting mothballs in the gas tank does not improve a car’s performance. That was not always the case, though. Gasoline used to have such a low octane rating …

Fact or fiction: Adding mothballs to your gas tank … – Car Talk

Feb 1, 1997 … Fact or fiction: Adding mothballs to your gas tank increases the …. to his knowledge, do anything to improve the performance of gasoline. … RAY: The only thing Jim will guarantee is that, if you put mothballs in your gas tank, … Mothballs in your gas tank;f=20;t=000645;p=1

Comment: A guy told me that putting a handfull of mothballs in your … more expensive, and don’t improve performance, and one type might harm the car, so don’t bother …. Bleach did the same as dropping it in the gas tank.

Mothball additive in tanks gives fuel for thought – National – …

Aug 8, 2007 … The pills, which promise to improve fuel consumption and reduce harmful … Naphthalene mothballs have been used by car enthusiasts as a homemade octane booster for decades. … But scientists warn that too many mothballs will load up an engine with carbon deposits and lead to poor performance.

MythBusters Episode 15: Scuba Diver, Car Capers

Jul 27, 2004 … A car engine will be destroyed when bleach is put into the fuel tank. … Adding mothballs to the fuel tank of a car will increase its horsepower.

The Effect of Mothballs in a Gas Tank | eHow

A long-running urban legend holds that putting a few mothballs in the gas tank of your car every time you fill it up will improve the mileage and performance.

Mothballs / Napthalene / WD40 – Fuelly Forums

So, crushing up some mothballs into your tank, 5 per 1 gallon I think, might … You can also add 1 ounce of WD40 per gallon of gas to the tank to … of a significant amount of mothballs could increase the octane, and … My Dad told me how they used to put mothballs in the tank to win … Car Talk & Chit Chat …

Additives That Improve Mileage – HHO 4 Free

Start by finding a good quality gasoline; one that does not contain alcohol. This may be a … If the vehicle is pointing down hill, it will allow you to put more fuel in the tank. If it is pointing up hill, it will allow less fuel. Also consider the pumping speed. … Number three thing: Add Mothballs made from Naphthalene. The old …


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