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Putin promised Dushanbe humanitarian assistance in connection with a difficult winter

“During the conversation, the difficult humanitarian situation in Tajikistan as a result of a difficult winter was discussed, in connection with which Rakhmon requested assistance from Russia. In turn, Putin promised that emergency humanitarian assistance would be provided as soon as possible, ”the message says on the site.

Russian authorities are trying to restore the power of the USSR, said Fidel Castro

According to Castro, the collapse of the USSR and related events "did not come as a surprise." The experience acquired over many years of struggle, as well as “contact with events, ideas and historical processes,” indicates Castro, “did not leave room for surprise.”

Onishchenko dreams of smokers lungs

Gennady Onishchenko today announced that he would support another campaign to combat smoking. This time it includes placing repulsive images on the packs - black light smokers, photos of people with lip cancer, etc. This practice is not an invention of the Ministry of Health: abroad, almost all cigarette brands produce packs depicting unpleasant evidence of the effects of smoking.

US Consul General to visit BSPU

According to the press service of the Belarusian State Pedagogical University, the Fulbright program is the largest program of scientific and cultural exchange, which is implemented and funded by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the US Department of State. To date, the program covers 140 countries.

Lutsenko now has a plasma TV in his cell

“On Tuesday evening, my husband was warned to collect personal belongings and they were transferred in a hurry in the morning,” said the wife of the ex-minister, 46, Irina Lutsenko. - In the new "house" - a plasma TV, a cupboard for dishes and a shelf for books, wooden beds, stools and a table, flowerpots without flowers. Not without transitional china, which appears in well-known photo reports.

US tried to thwart possible legalization of drugs - Molina

“He (Funes) was called from the United States and asked not to participate in the summit, and he called the other presidents of the countries of the region,” Univision TV channel quoted Perez Molina as saying.

The regional summit against drugs, held last Saturday in Guatemala, was ignored by several leaders of Central American states. In particular, there were no presidents of Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras. These countries sent only representatives of lower rank to the summit.

The US will prepare a helicopter for the Afghan army, replacing the Russian Mi-17, in two years

This was announced on Thursday at a hearing in Congress, a candidate for the post of Deputy Minister of Defense for Political Affairs, James Miller. He is promoted to this key position at the Pentagon instead of Michelle Flornoy, who recently resigned.

LAS Secretary General: Syrians must themselves determine the political future of the country

“The Syrian people themselves must determine the political future of their country, this is stated in all international initiatives,” said al-Arabi at a press conference in Baghdad following the summit of the Arab League.

According to him, the political process can take a long time, but "the bloodshed must be stopped immediately."

Russia will fulfill its obligations to supply Mi-17 helicopters to Afghanistan in accordance with the terms of the contract

“Despite calls by a group of US senators to break off relations with Rosoboronexport because the company is doing military-technical cooperation with Syria and stopping supplies to Afghanistan of Russian helicopters ordered by the US ground forces, the Russian side continues to fulfill the terms of the signed contract,” reported the head of the delegation.

Batura: we will continue to cooperate with Latvia in the future

“Despite the tightening of sanctions against Belarus, today about 150 representatives of local authorities of Latvia came to our forum. They came sincerely, with a great sense of responsibility, duty and love for the Belarusian people, ”said Boris Batura.