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Slimming replaces diabetic medication

More than 50% of patients with diabetes are overweight, have an increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, osteoarthritis and other chronic diseases. A new study conducted by scientists from the United States, proves that to reduce these risks and reduce the use of drugs for diabetes, it is enough for a patient to lose weight.

The prosecutor will deal with the problems of Samara equity holders

The meeting was attended by Alexander Khinshtein, State Duma Deputy of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Pavel Donskoy, Minister of Construction of the Samara Region, Vadim Malikov, Head of the Russian State Register of the Samara Region, Dmitry Samara, Head of the Samara City District, Tadyatti Vadym Kirpichnikov, Acting Mayor of the Tolyatti City District, and other law enforcement and control officials organs. The regional prosecutor noted that the situation in the field of shared construction in the region remains difficult.

Perm priests will conduct courses for draftees

“We believe that catechetical courses are necessary today: young people should be prepared for military service not only physically, but morally and spiritually,” said Archpriest Konstantin Ostrenko.

According to theological literature, the catechism is an oral instruction in the Christian faith that appeals to the Church, so far disagree with it. Also, Archpriest noted that the institute of military chaplains is being revived in the Perm Territory. Thus, in Zvezdny, a priest was introduced into the staffing of the military unit.

In Narva, farewell to Varvara Ivanova

Several hundred people came to say goodbye to Barbara: people carried flowers to the church, put candles.

Barbara disappeared in Narva on March 18th. Over the past week dozens
volunteers were looking for a girl in Narva, in its vicinity and even at a considerable distance from the city. However, last Friday came the sad news: the body of Barbara with signs of violence was found in her hometown on July 26 near the ice hall, that is, almost where the girl was last seen, as far as is known, alive.

From the first of April ferry service will be fully restored in Vladivostok

From Sunday, April 1, the ferry service between the mainland and island territories is fully restored. This was reported by RIA "Data" specialist in public relations LLC "Mortrans" Daria Ionina.

The gravestone from the grave of Hitler's parents was removed in Austria

According to the parish priest of the Austrian town of Leonding, who received a letter from a distant relative of Hitler, the massive tombstone was demolished, but the remains of Alois and Klara of Hitlers remained in the ground. Despite this place it can again be used for burial, the report says.

Doctors propose to consolidate self-treatment at the legislative level in Belarus

According to the expert, it will contribute to the spread of competent, responsible self-treatment, which can bring considerable economic benefits. “The studies conducted at VSMU showed that savings from the fact that a person independently and successfully treated could reach Br270 thousand per day,” said Valentina Kugach. She stressed that, ideally, each patient should receive advice from a doctor. However, in practice it is not always possible.

How many bacteria does it fly in your room?

Thirty-seven million bacteria rise into the air every hour when someone is in the room! This conclusion was made by researchers from Yale University (USA), analyzing the composition of the air in the university audience. Scientists "caught" particles of biological material scattered in a one-room auditorium on the first floor. The measurements lasted eight days: four days someone came into the room, the other four days she stayed empty all the time. Windows and doors were closed (except when someone came in), the ventilation system was operating normally.

Bad weather helped clear the air in the capital

According to Popikov, on Thursday morning, the monitoring stations recorded a decrease in the level of air pollution in relation to the previous day. Improving the weather situation provided a slight precipitation and increased wind.

On Friday, it is expected that the reduced level of air pollution will remain. Weather conditions will continue to contribute to lower concentrations, Vesti FM Radio reports.

Hemingway opened from a completely unexpected side

The unpublished letters of the writer, first presented at the exhibition at the Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston, show it from a completely different side.

So, in a letter to his friend, the Venetian aristocrat Gianfranko Ivanchich, dated 1953, Hemingway talks about how he had to shoot his beloved cat named Uncle Willy after he got hit by a car and got seriously injured. “I miss you so much, Uncle Willie. I had to shoot at people, but never at someone I knew and loved for 11 years. Someone who purred with two broken legs, ”wrote the author.